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DCT – Dual Clutch Transmission

We manufacture gears and shafts for DCT transmission projects. Use of the latest power honing technology offers lower noise and higher strength. More compact alternatives are also possible as interfering contours are not a limiting factor.


CVT Transmissions

CVTs are widely used automatic transmissions and can be integrated to hybrid applications. We produce complete high accuracy CVT gear sets at competitive prices.


EV Gears

We are one of the leading producers of gears for EV applications. The production of EV gears requires state of the art production and inspection capabilities.


Planetary Gear Assembly

Planetary assemblies continue to grow in popularity for hybrid and e-axle applications. We produce components and complete assemblies according to our customers designs.


Power Transfer Units

We are an important player in the production of PTU parts for All Wheel Drive applications. We also offer a wide range of hypoid gears and differentials.


Power Take Offs

We manufacture a variety of gear and shaft types to meet the speed and torque requirements of the PTO application.


Gearbox Assembly

We provide design and engineering support to our customers from the production of gears to the assembly of complete gear boxes. Working together we provide crucial technical input on gear ratios, micro geometry and tooling. This enables us to meet tight time schedules for both prototypes and production.